Corporate Volunteering

Cooperate volunteering has proved to be a very important part of supporting our programmes and sustainability of our organization. 

Some companies are regularly engaged in socially responsible activities including volunteering in the local community. 

We have been lucky enough to be recognized as an organization that is involved in developing the local community in the field of humanitarian activities, so we have been implementing voluntary programmes since 2016.

The first CSR activity in our Inclusive Centre was on the occasion of the large voluntary action ‘’Our Belgrade’’ organized by Smart collective. The guests were the employees from the office of the EU Delegation, with their Ambassador HE Mr Michael Davenport and the team from Vojvodjanska Bank at that time. 

The Corporate volunteering enabled the production of 200 jars of strawberry jam from 100 kg of strawberries. This was how we started the production of excellent strawberry jam. The whole quantity of jam we produced was purchased by these two companies and in that way we provided additional financial support for the Inclusive Centre to be operational during summer. 

Since then we have carried out more than 30 large voluntary actions and gathered a considerable number of companies. We have established a strong and friendly relationship and connection with their employees as well as long-lasting cooperation. 

We have made strawberry and apricot jam, and homemade ajvar with companies such as Coca Cola, NCR, MSD, GlaxoSmithKline, EU Delegation, Henkel, L’Oréal Serbia, BOSCH, Microsoft Serbia and many others. 

Such activities are of manifold benefits for all participants. 

Companies give their contribution to real initiatives helping people in the local community who are directly jeopardized.  This opportunity provides additional motivation to employees and accomplishes the true purpose. Our beneficiaries become more confident and get the message that they are important to somebody. There are truly wonderful people who wish to help and understand our needs. Evo Ruka gets the chance to continue with their activities and enable further growth and development of its community.

If you wish to organize a team building activity or to spend time in a useful way when doing voluntary activities for your company, please let us know. Together, we will organize an activity beneficial for all and make everybody happy.