Donations for children with developmental issues


Dear friends,

we would like to invite you to help the work of Evo ruka Association by your kind donations and thus take part in development of new beneficial projects intended for supporting children with developmental issues and rare diseases, their caring families, as well as to sustainability and enhancement of existing programmes you may find and familiarise with on our website or in person.

 If you wonder why you and why now, I have no right answer to offer. You are most likely where you should be, looking for an additional purpose if you are reading this message.

I can assure you these family desperately need help and support and we witness day by day when talking to them how exhausted and scared they are. Evo Ruka has been working on drawing public’s attention to these people, their problems and solutions. We have been working with both parents and children directly and every year we manage to reach new, completely invisible families.

If you believe you can help in any way, this is your chance.

Your regular donations via our website, donation contracts or by payments will make our fight worthwhile and lasting.

We are certain our project such as the Inclusive centre, women’s support network, counselling for parents, social entrepreneurship , as well as emancipation for the young, have been improving these children’s lives, young people with disabilities and their worried parents.

Therefore donate today and now as much as you can

Help us mitigate the problem, follow our development and work, and visit us when you can to celebrate successes.

Our children need friends as much as we do. You need them for sure!

Evo Ruka community gathers the best people and ideas, offering new solutions and views!

Welcome and thank you!

We collect donations for children with developmental issues in the following way

  • Donation


For all citizens who find the donation process via the form complicated or do not trust internet based payments, there is a more traditional way to give your donation.

You only need to fill in the receipt as per example below and pay in your bank or nearest post office. ​

Data needed for donation

Recipient: Udruženje građana Evo ruka
Dobrovojnih vatrogasaca 2
11080 Beograd
Purpose of payment: Donacije građana
Account: 205-168077-63

Data for crypto donations

Note: For all those into ‘mining’ – we do accept donations in crypto currencies!

BTC: bc1qq0myjtz32dpahp66f5fupur97h4d2r0vga5xtz
LTC: LPR6q5QJZa6vo3YBxMhTHha3bdbgDB4XML
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