Inclusive centre as a meeting point

Launching of the Inclusive centre enables us create BASE for development and implementation of innovative projects in the community for support to families looking after children and disabled adults. We have made difference and change in our community and proved that large effort and devotion can lead to the change in the society. We have brought parents of children with developmental disabilities together. 

We have created programme useful for them. We gathered socially responsible companies that assisted in opening of the centre itself. We have drawn attention of the society to the life of vulnerable groups in the suburbs. Our children are happy since they come to their own area they have literally grown up in. New parents join us every year. 

The overall annual programme scheme has been taking place in the inclusive centre from the first day, and we constantly enhance it and adjust it to the needs of our beneficiaries and current capacities of the organisation. 

This project was supported by ELION Foundation, Telekom Serbia, Serbian Philanthropy Forum as well as individual donors.

Greenhouse production establishment

By setting up two greenhouses, Evo ruka Association has started with new form of support and joint actions. We connected with different initiatives dealing with production of healthy food, thought ourselves how to grow vegetables. We expanded our network of associates. 

We learnt how to earn for the Association and sustain the support programme through selling food we have produced ourselves. We positioned ourselves in the community as an organisation working in a completely innovative way and connecting different areas all aiming at supporting children with developmental disabilities. Social entrepreneurship is still at its early stage in Serbia. 

This project was supported by DELTA FOUNDATION in 2015 and 2016

Summer school EVO RUKA

Every summer, starting from 2015, we have been organising summer school for school-age children with developmental disabilities. This school is intended for school- children and have no organised social activities and good-quality guardianship during summer break. 

Interruption of school programme and adopted daily routines pose a huge problem for the children.  The programme is organised in the form of a full-day’s stay, food included and various workshops stimulating children’s creativity, communication skills and independence. It lasts for two months (July and August), and the children are looked after a team of therapists, assistants and volunteers. Parents are particularly pleased with this programme since this form of support matters a lot to them, as well as the sense of safety that children are well looked after in a friendly environment everyone looks forward to. 

This programme has been organised in Inclusive Centre MEETING PLACE in Zemun Polje. The Centre is easily accessible, surrounded by green and sport areas. 

This programme is co-financed by Zemun local municipality (self-government), individual donors and party from the money obtained by selling our homemade products. 

Winter school EVO RUKA

During the winter break, we organise the Winter school for children with developmental disabilities as support to both children and parents. 

Volunteering programmes for the young from Serbia and abroad

We organise three two-week volunteers working camps for volunteers from all over the world as a part of the summer programme, from June until September. Our inclusive centre hosts 6 to 10 (per camp) volunteers from all over the world in order to help us conduct our Summer school for children and assist with summer works and production of preserves. 

These are highly sensitive people, ready to generously devote their time to our mission and our children. Our volunteers so far have come from different professions and age, ranging from 18 and above. 

This programme is hugely important to all and an ideal opportunity to learn foreign language, get to know different cultures and make long-lasting friendships. Campers are located near the inclusive centre. They take part in all activities and are familiarised with Belgrade, Zemun tradition and our cultural heritage. 

We have been organising camps since 2018 and have hosted over 45 volunteers from all over the world. 

Autumn weekend camps are reserved for local volunteers and present an ideal opportunity for young people from Serbia to get to know each other and acquire experience and basic knowledge about the association supporting children and the young with developmental issues, social entrepreneurship and community building. 

These camps last for 4 days – 3 nights. Campers are located in the inclusive centre where the whole camp takes place. 

This programme is implemented with the support of organisation Young scouts of Serbia (Serbian ‘Mladi istraživači Srbije’).