Individual Volunteering

Volunteering is an organized activity offering services willingly, or when one is engaged in activities for the common good, or the good for somebody without any financial gain.   

Our Association, as the majority of voluntary organisations, would not be able to achieve its mission without volunteers.  

We are immensely grateful to them, their time and energy given for the common good. The value they give to our children is immeasurable.  

Volunteers are our ambassadors.

Why is volunteering important?
We will give you several reasons, and you can choose yours:

  1. By volunteering you gain skills, knowledge and experience in a specific field. Therefore, you enhance your chances of employment. We recommend students of the Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation, known as the Faculty for Defectology join us and get an invaluable insight into the matter they study. When you apply for a job, make sure that you put in your CV that you have volunteered for us. 
  2. Meet new people, parents, other volunteers, develop and strengthen your social (and other) connections. 
  3. You express selfless concern for children with developmental disorders and rare diseases (you express altruism). 
  4. By volunteering you give example to other people in your surrounding (do not keep it secret that you are a volunteer; if you share your experience, you might inspire another person to do the same and make the network). 
  5. As a volunteer, you promote moral values such as solidarity, selflessness and tolerance. 
  6. You introduce a change by giving your time and energy, you become a part of the community. Your actions make children with developmental disabilities become more visible, and you influence the society directly by sharing your experience.

We promise you gratitude, our children’s smiles, love, unity and many hugs. 

Apply for volunteering because it represents the universal way of giving help. 

If you are not able to volunteer, you can always make donations, buy our products or share this text on social networks.