Voluntary camps

Within our summer programme, from June till September, we carry out two-week volunteering summer camps for volunteers all over the world. Our Inclusive centre is then visited by 6 to 10 volunteers (per camp) from all over the world, helping us organise Summer school for children and produce winter preserves. These are very sensitive and compassionate people, ready to selflessly give up their time to our mission and our children.

Our volunteers so far used to come from different professions and age groups. You may meet a psychologist and a mechanical or electrical engineer from Turkey, industrial designer from Mexico or a future female doctor from Europe, all 18 years and above. This programme is hugely important to everyone and an ideal opportunity to learn a foreign language, get to know different cultures and make long-lasting friendships. Accommodation is provided in the vicinity of the Inclusion centre. They take part in all activities and are able to see Belgrade, familiarise themselves with Zemun’s tradition and our cultural heritage.

Volunteering camps have been organised since 2018.

We have hosted over 45 volunteers worldwide so far.

Autumn weekend camps are reserved for local volunteers and present an ideal opportunity for young people from Serbia to meet and gain experience and some basic knowledge about the function and work of an association supporting children and the young with developmental issues, social entrepreneurship and the community. These camps last for 4 days. Accommodation is provided in the Inclusive centre where the camp takes place.

We implement this programme supported by the organisation Young researches of Serbia (Serbian ‘Mladi istraživači Srbije’).