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How did parents of children with developmental disabilities come up with an idea to grow fruits and vegetables, and use this as a way to secure future for their kids?


Purchase of “Evo ruka” products provides stability for the Association.

The Association “Evo ruka” was established in 2011 by parents of children with disabilities in order to improve quality of life for their children and secure their future.

„We have to wear our children as medals, not as burden. Then others will see them that way, too“, said Ana Knežević, the President of the Association “Evo ruka”. In 2015, the Association initiated production of food in greenhouses and as of this year they also started the production of pickles, chutney and other food products for winter from fruits and vegetables they have grown. 

– As a mother of a child with multiple disabilities, after twelve years of my experience, I can only advise parents to accept their children, their diagnosis and accept their own lives – says our interlocutor. She added that most important is to bring your child to health balance, and then socialize them, too.

Where did the idea to establish the Association come from?

– Idea behind this activity was to ensure that we and our children have a job, source of income and to make revenues to pay for services in the community for children with disabilities This agricultural project and “Zasad za budućnost (Planting for the future)” programme opened an entirely new perspective for actions and forward look.

We are no longer just plain social support recipients, but we do things which are important for the community where we live, for Zemun. Through the project we give direct support to children and their parents, we promote business, development of social entrepreneurship, we motivate women to start their entrepreneurship with strong mission, we give ideas to other parents and organisations all over Serbia – says our interlocutor.

As she says, through their work they want to reach the stage of service called “Independent life for our children” as this would be completion of the whole story and allow the children to really continue with their independent life. The President of the Association “Evo ruka” is sending a message that persons with disabilities are not invisible and points out how important it is that they are aware of themselves as this allows others to see them, too. And others want to hear them, too, but it is important what kind of the message they will send. 

– When you have a problem to enroll your child in school or kindergarden, you remember that your child is entitled to education. Always think well what is in the best interest of your child and fight for that. Do not turn your head away from other parents of children with disabilities and do not cluster by different diagnosis. Mothers of children with autism, cerebral palsy, DiGeorge syndrome or intellectual difficulties share same problems.  They are all concerned for their children and they have same tears and fears – says Knežević in the conclusion.

Purchase of “Evo ruka” products

– We talk a lot about affirmation and positive approach and it often happens that people misunderstand out attitude and think that we can cope with all problems. It is not always easy.

We need financial support, donations, projects and volunteers to bring this fantastic story to an end and to be able to help to as many people as possible. Great assistance for us comes from purchase of “Evo ruka” products, donations, volunteering, organizing tournaments or parties for our children and our association. Help us the way you can, and you can always donate to our bank account 205-168077-63, buy our pickles and chutneys via “Evo ruka” Facebook or Instagram page, or via phone number 062-327-877 – Knežević sends the message.


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