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In summer 2021, in cooperation with wonderful Nela My Way we worked on developing social skills in the Club for youngsters with disabilities.

We dance miraculous dance. Barefoot on the grass. Music is everywhere around me. Children are aware of each move. Close your eyes and listen to the music.

Nela is an educator, drama pedagogue and kindergarden teaches, and author of the page “Moj način – My way”. Since 2012 she works as drama pedagogue for children and youngsters with disabilities – developing their speaking and social skills. Through theatre, drama play and toys, with one child or a group of children she daily tests new methods and ways. She is an author of a digital manual on development of social skills “Moj način (My way)”, which is a product of her years of experience aiming to assist parents and teachers in developing social skills with children.

She is a genious in using play as a way to develop social skills. Children love her and happily learn from her.

Personal Philosophy

Every child had its own way. Our job and mission as educators is to follow that specific way and use our own teacher’s way to communicate and create. It is a lifestyle that we lead that presents the life that we teach about. It is simple but yet fragile – we have to be careful to create safe and fun environment for every child and their every need. Drama is an excellent tool that is open for exploring the mistakes, fears, doubts, likes and dislikes. It is a privilege to be able to be the channel for that kind of skill.

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